Princes of the Apocalypse

Bears and Bows

Three adventurers, Sparklegem, Eogos and Constantine came from sword coast to Red Larch in search of adventure. Two more, Shroomie and Fire Cloud came from Kryptgarden Forest seeking out adventure and orcs. Bokaj was already in town working in Swinging Sword. They all met at the Helm at Highsun. There they met Eldras Tantur, the town blacksmith and he told of bandits who beat up his son, Javi Tantur.

The group checked out Waelvur’s Wagonworks and then went to the smithy where they met a cold reception. They headed back to the tavern and overheard a conversation about outlaws on the Cairn Road. The group went across to The Swinging Sword and meet Kaylessa who mentioned a possible evil presence at Lance Rock and offered 50gp to investigate.

They spent the night at The Swinging Sword and in the morning found out another member of town was beaten up by the bandits. They left Red Larch and found a bandit camp where they apparently trapped a brown bear. Shroomie sent her pet squirrel Pifa in for reconnaissance. Very thick brush around the camp made the approach difficult. Everyone attacked from range. After the party took care of two of the five bandits, the bear got loose and the battle went completely south for the bandits. Two tried to escape but were entangled by Shroomie. The bear took care of rest and the ran off. The adventurers looted the cave.


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