Gnome Sorcerer


Class: Sorcerer L1 (38XP)
Background: Acolyte
Race: Rock Gnome
Alignment: Lawful Good
Hit Point: 8
Armor Class: 15
Favored Weapon: What weapon? I have magic!
Favored Spell: Fire Bolt


From Waterdeep, an alchemist by trade, Zook (to his friends he is known as Sparklegem) is a rock gnome with a penchant for trouble. He has draconic ancestry and is somewhat obsessed with discovering more about that background. His friend, Eogos, saved the city of Waterdeep once from the curious gnome destroying the city when he tried to fabricate some draconic blood in his lab. The two, along with their friend Constantine, elected to leave the city and discover what the world abroad had to offer.


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